Maidiga Paldiski mnt. 29

OÜ Maidiga is an Estonian-owned sewing company that was launched in November 1992. We have 20 years of experience in producing men’s dress shirts, light women’s clothing and uniforms.

Since the beginning, we have mainly been subcontractors, making men’s dress shirts and light women’s clothing for Finnish companies. Besides Finland, we have customers from Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

Since 2009, we own the trademarks Ewald and Ewi, and we sell men’s dress shirts and women’s clothing, respectively, under these brand names.

Customers can order products from their own materials or materials procured by us. The size of the lots produced depends on customer wishes; we are can make large and small batches. We have a separate team who handles small, custom orders.

Our production relies on the highest quality and most modern machinery and equipment. We also have special systems that ensure high quality of the finished product. Patterns and drawings are made on a computerized Lectra system, and the cutting equipment are semi- and fully automatic.
As additional services, we carry out embroidery work, enlarge patterns and perform digitization.